Everyone should learn to dance

After watching the 2015 Strictly Come Dancing final last night (congratulations Jay!), I’m once again left wondering how I’m going to fill my Saturday evenings. There’s just something about the glitz and glamour that’s appealing, but also the fact that you genuinely get to see people go on a journey. Sometimes they just become better dancers, sometimes they lose weight, sometimes they become more confident – sometimes it’s a combination of all of them.


Love an excuse to put on my dancing shoes!

When I started university, I desperately wanted to learn how to dance like they do on Strictly. Several years on, I’m so grateful I did. I was so nervous when I started going, and even more nervous when I started to compete, but I love it. You can have a day when nothing goes right, when all you want to do is hide, and then I come back from dance feeling like a different person. I know it’s the endorphins from the exercise, but there is also a huge sense of triumph when you finally crack something. For those of you who are dancers – I have always struggled doing a double reverse. No idea why. This year – I’ve got it and it’s the best thing ever.

So why should everyone learn to dance?

  • It’s a new skill, and it’s incredible the number of people who wished they possessed that skill.
  • It’s sociable. Unless you go for private lessons you’ll be learning with other people and you automatically have a common interest.
  • If you are in a couple – it’s a lovely thing to learn together, and you’ll always look good on any dance floor.
  • If you’re not, it;s a great way to meet people. Guys – do you want to know a quick way to meet a lot of girls and be able to impress them? Sign up for a ballroom class!
  • You will never listen to music in the same way again… suddenly everything becomes a cha cha or quickstep opportunity!
  • You will never find the judges on Strictly too critical again – you’ll be the one doing the criticising!
  • It’s a great way to exercise and keep fit.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not already learning to dance, take on a new challenge and try it in 2016!


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