Hello, I’m Nicola. Welcome to my blog!

I’m a twenty-something English Literature graduate based in the North of England with a desire to see the world.

To sum me up: Blogger. Dancer. Bibliophile. Wanderluster.

Following the end of my degree, I started this blog to reflect on my journey into the unknown, as well as improving my writing skills and sharing the things that matter to me. The end of my degree marked real life beginning and my plans ending. For someone who lives by their diary and to-do lists, this was not only a pretty big deal, but a very intimidating one as well.

I’ve been told you should do at least one thing out of your comfort zone every day. Starting this blog is my thing for today. Hopefully continuing the blog will provide ample opportunity for plenty more adventures!

I welcome any comments or feedback. All opinions are my own.

Please feel free to contact me at beingbuttons@gmail.com

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